Consortium members

The interdisciplinary network consists of 16 internationally-leading organisations (consisting of 4 academic institutions (DTU, Univ. of Leeds, NTNU, and INSA Lyon) and 12 other associated members) across 7 countries, who are at the scientific forefront of combining material science, engineering, physics, chemistry and techno-economics to develop the next generation of research and innovation leaders in the field of CCS.

Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)

University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon (France)

Schlumberger Cambridge Research Ltd (United Kingdom)

Baker Hugues Energy Transition LLC (United States)

Alleima Tube AB (Sweden)

Institute for Energy Technology (Norway)

Sintef AS (Norway)

Equinor Energy AS (Norway)

Shell Global Solutions International BV (Netherlands)

TotalEnergies OneTech (France)

LBBC Baskerville (United Kingdom)

Wood Group UK Ltd (United Kingdom)

NPL Management Ltd (UK)

Oil and Gas Corrosion Ltd (United Kingdom)

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